Meet the Staff: Patty Weidman - Center Director


My Experience with Camp & Retreat Ministry: 

Growing up in the Eastern Conference I first fell in love with the camp & retreat ministry at the age of 11 going to Camp Innabah.  Each summer it was the place I felt the closest to God and the most comfortable to be myself.  As I got older and aged out of certain camps, I first became a volunteer Counselor in Leadership Training (CILT) then after graduation became an official staff member.  Being part of that community and acceptance was the most amazing gift.  I was on staff at Innabah for 5 years and during that time I got to experience camp not just in the summer but year-round with retreats.  During this time, I discovered that I was not being led to be a teacher, as I had originally thought, but into the world of Recreation, with the goal to be a Christian Camp Director.  It was a very curvy career path, that many times I did not always understand the direction, but God was developing my skills so that I would be able to come to Mount Asbury.  It has been an amazing journey and I am so honored to be the Center Director here.

My favorite things about being involved in Camp & Retreat Ministry are:
I love the people who visit, being able to create a sacred space for them and getting to know everyone.  And getting to build campfires is always fun.

Things I like to do with my family:
I love spending time with my family playing disc golf, going to parks, swimming, picking flowers, baking cookies, and teaching my kids fun things about nature. 

Things I like to do in my free time:
I love to read, although now it is more audio books, sewing, watching movies, taking walks, and playing games.